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🟢 Sonic

SKU: HO-1606-v1
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                                       Pack information
Scale: 🟢 HO Scale
Signs per pack: 1
Sign(s) size: 12' x 24' in (HO scale)
Kit information:

Billboard is designed for the Walthers Modern Single-Post Billboard kit.
Kit p
art number 949-4252 that you can buy here ⇢ Goto Kit
Customizable  🛠️
Completed  ✂️ Yes, Billboard is cut out for you NO cutting needed. 

Using two sided tape on all corners plus top & bottom of the middle of the sign (six pieces of tape).
This will help you later on if you want to change to a different sign.
Weathering  ⛈️

Front: None
Back: None

💬 Billboard sign is made of card stock so it will not glare in the light.
💬 Printed in color on a high resolution print.
🛑 This is just the card stock sign. You have to buy the Walther's kit. See link above.