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HO-1006 / Black "Tee" Poles

SKU: HO-1006
Pack Information:
Poles Per. Pack: 4
Pole Size: 12' long (in 1:87 scale)

Pole Information
Precision injection "Tee" shape in dark gray ABS plastic. Painted in one of our colors. High impact characteristics provide durability and longevity of the pole. You may use plastic weld solvent cement for a permanent bonding of most plastics.

Our "Tee" shaded poles come in 10 colors to match your needs.
We also gave you a few ideas that might help you chose a color.

 Shape Part# Color Job
1000 Silver New pole after the 2010s
T 1001 Green Modeling in the 1970s thur 2010s
T 1002 Rust Poles that has been there for awhile!
T 1003 Orange Construction signs
T 1004 Dark Gray You can paint them your color (Unpainted)
T 1005 Blue Handicapped
T 1006 Black Black pole where used in 1940 thur 1960
T 1007 Forest Green Modeling in the 1970s thur 2010s
T 1008 Lite Green School or church parking lots..

🇺🇸 100% Veteran Owned & Operated plus USA made!