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🟢 Single-Post Billboard Kit

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Pack Information:
Walthers Modern Single-Post Billboard kit. Kit part number: 949-4252

Make your HO highways and byways more realistic with this SceneMaster Modern Single-Post Billboard kit! Designed for easy construction and installation in new or existing scenes, the finished model is perfect for rural or urabn areas and features

  • Build with single or front and rear billboards
  • Detailed walkways, nonworking lights, and framing
  • Walthers Colorful signs are included, But your here for modern signs!
  • Molded in sturdy gray ABS plastic reinforced with glass fiber to resist bending

💬 This kit is for billboards signs.

Sign Information:
Scale: 🟢 HO Scale

🇺🇸 100% Veteran Owned & Operated