Art Department work list

This is a list of what is being worked on in the Art Department.

If you have some Custom art work being done by us you can see where its at from this list.

If you sent us a Email about a sign you think would be cool. It could be on this list to become real.


🔴 Level 1 - Working on

💬 Make new Highway Guide Signs to finish collection.
💬 Make Thom Division Control Point signs

🟠 Level 2  - Working on proto types

💬 Make new gas station signs for Sheetz.
💬 Make Steven Johnson Welcome sign
🟡 Level 3  - On paper

💬 Make new gas station signs that match real ones.
💬 For Sale sign like Remax or other Real-estate for Richard R.
🟢 Level 4  - On the list

💬 Make European Signs (Mid 2024)
💬 Make USA military bases  (2024)
💬 Make Emergency Management / Civil Defense (2024)
🔵 Level 5  - Done

💬 Make Custom 7-11 sign with BP (Done)
💬 Make Custom U.P.R.R sign